About NSAC

NSAC Membership

The NSAC has a General Assembly and an Executive Committee. All NSAC members are a member of the General Assembly, they appoint an Executive Committee of 25 members to undertake the work of the NSAC. There is no limit to the number of General Assembly members. The Executive Committee membership must represent a 60%/40% balance between organisations with fishing interests and other interest groups. This gives fishing members 15 places and other interest groups 10 places in the Executive Committee.

Current NSAC Membership is:

Executive Committee Members (25 seats)
We currently have 23 members, 15 fishing and 8 other interest groups with 2 vacancies for other interest groups.

Fishing Members
Association des Industries du Poisson de l’U.E – Comite des Organisations Nationales des Importeurs et Exportateurs de Poisson de l’U.E (AIPCE-CEP) www.aipce-cep.org
Comite National de Peche Maritimes et des Elevages Marins (CNPMEM) www.comite-peches.fr
Danmarks Fiskeriforeing (2 Seats) www.dkfisk.dk
European Transport Workers Federation (ETF) http://www.etf-europe.org/
National Federation of Fishermen’s Organisations (NFFO) www.nffo.org.uk/
Polnocnoatlantycka Organizacja Producentow (PAOP) http://www.paop.pl/
Rederscentrale www.rederscentrale.be/
Scottish Fishermen’s Federation (SFF) www.sff.co.uk
Scottish Fishermen’s Organisation (SFO) www.scottishfishermen.co.uk
Stichting van de Nederlandse Visserij (2 seats)
Swedish Fishermen Federation http://www.yrkesfiskarna.se/
Union des Armateurs á la Pêche de France (UAPF)
Verband der Deutschen Kutter Und Kusterenfischer http://www.deutscher-fischerei-verband.de

Other Interest Members
Stichting BirdLife Europe  www.birdlife.org
Client Earth http://www.clientearth.org/
Dutch Elasmobranch Society (NEV) http://www.elasmobranch.nl
Environmental Defense Fund www.edf.org
Marine Conservation Society (MCS) www.mcsuk.org/
Oceana www.oceana.org
North Sea Foundation  www.noordzee.nl   www.seas-at-risk.org
World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF)  http://wwf.org/ 

Members of the General Assembly

Fishing Members
Aberdeen Fish Producers’ Organisation (AFPO) www.afpo.co.uk
Bundesverband der Deutschen Fischindustrie und des Fischgroshandels e.V  http://www.fischverband.de/index.html
Blue Fish http://www.bluefisheurope.org/
Cooperatie Kottervisserij Nederland UA (Visned)
Cooperative Maritime Etaploise OP (CMEOP) http://www.cmeop.com/
Havs- och Kustfiskarnas Producentorganisation Sverige ek. för  http://www.hfpo.se/
Mallaig & North West Fishermen’s Association http://www.mnwfa.co.uk/
Marine Ingredients Denmark www.maring.org
Nederlandse Vissersbond http://www.vissersbond.nl/
NetVISwerk www.netviswerk.nl
New Under Ten Fishermen’s Association (NUTFA) www.nutfa.org 
North East of Scotland Fishermen’s Organisation (NESFO) www.nesfo.co.uk/

Other Interest Members
European Bureau for Conservation and Development http://ebcd.org/ebcd/
European Anglers’ Alliance (EAA) www.eaa-europe.eu
Federation Internationale De La Peche Sportive En Mer (FIPS-M/CIPS)  http://www.fips-m.org/
North Sea Wildlife Trusts www.northseawildlife.org.uk
The Pew Charitable Trusts http://www.pewtrusts.org/default.aspx


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NSAC Funding

The NSAC is funded by annual fees from its members, a contribution from the relevant Member States and a maximum contribution of €250,000 from the European Commission.

You can view the NSAC 2016/17 budget by downloading this document. NSAC Budget App 2016-17 (V3)

Audited accounts for previous years.

NSAC Audited Accounts 2014/15 North Sea Advisory Council full accounts 201415
NSAC Audited Accounts 2013/14  Final accounts 160215
NSRAC Financial Report to EC 2012/13 (audited accounts) NSRAC 31 October 2013 Full Accounts
NSRAC Financial Report to EC 2011 /12 (Year end report); NSRAC 2012 signed accounts


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Legal Status

NSAC is a not for profit organisation, a company registered in Scotland, Limited by Guarantee (Registration number SC273169).

NSAC is a body pursuing an aim of general European interest, as set out in European Council Decision 2007/409/EC of June 2007 amending Decision 2004/585/EC establishing Advisory Councils under the Common Fisheries Policy.

Company Directors are;

Niels Wichmann, Danish Fishermen PO
Michael Park, Scottish Fishermen’s Association
Erik Lindebo, Environmental Defense Fund
Guus Pastoor, EU Fish Processors Association

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NSAC Structure

The North Sea Regional Advisory Council (NSAC) has a two tier structure; a large General Assembly and a smaller Executive Committee. The General Assembly meets once a year to approve the overall strategy of the NSAC and to oversee the work of the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee meet 3 times a year.



The Chairman of the General Assembly is Guus Pastoor of the Dutch Fish Federation (Visfederatie)
The Chairman of the Executive Committee is Niels Wichmann of the Danish Fishermen’s Producer Organisation.
There are 2 Vice Chairmen of the Executive Committee, these posts are currently held by Michael Park representing the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation and Erik Lindebo of the Environmental Defense Fund.

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NSAC Working Groups

The work of the NSAC is delivered by 3 Working Groups Demersal, Skagerrak & Kattegat and Ecosystem. These groups each meet 2 to 4 times a year to consider and discuss a number of current and emerging topics and to develop advice and policy on behalf of the NSAC membership. Once finalised, advice developed by the Working Groups is presented to the Executive Committee for approval. A Working Group may be supported by a number of Focus Groups.

Chairmen of the Working Groups are;
Demersal Working Group – Barrie Deas
Skagerrak & Kattegat – Claus Hjorne Pedersen
Ecosystem Working Group - Euan Dunn


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NSAC Aims and Objectives

Aim of the NSAC

The aim of the NSAC is to work towards integrated and sustainable management of North Sea fisheries in the wider context of the sustainability of the marine environment. A map detailing the North Sea area and areas covered by other Advisory Councils is detailed here; Map of Advisory Councils


The principle objective of the NSAC is to prepare and provide advice on the management of the fisheries of the North Sea on behalf of stakeholders in order to promote the objectives of the Common Fisheries Policy. This will be done within the general aim of attaining the sustainable management of fisheries, incorporating an ecosystem based approach and based of the precautionary principle.

Annual Work Plan

Each year the NSAC agrees a workplan with its members which is approved by the European Commission. The workplan identifies specific areas of work that will be addressed and sets out the meeting schedule for the year.

The NSAC workplan for the current year is available by following this link. NSAC 2016 -17 Workplan V2

Rules of Procedure

The NSAC operates within a set of procedures and policies agreed by its membership; the NSAC rules of Procedure. 2014 Rules of Procedure
NSAC advice is produced by following set guidelines for development and publication of papers. Protocol for NSAC Advice

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NSAC Focus Groups

Focus Groups are smaller groups which are set up to draft advice on one specific topic. Focus Groups are flexible in their approach drawing in representatives and experts from a number of sources including scientists, fishers, environmental specialists, economists and others. They are short lived, concluding once the piece of work they are addressing is finalised. Corresponding members do not attend meetings but contribute to the developing advice via correspondence.

Technical Regulation Focus Group:
Barrie Deas (National Federation of Fishermen’s Organisations) – Chairman
Mike Park (Scottish Fishermen’s Federation)
Heather Hamilton (Client Earth)
Emiel Brouckaert (Rederscentrale)
Caroline Gamblin (Comite National de Peche Maritimes et des Elevages Marins)
Michael Andersen (Danish Fishermen PO)
David Mitchell (European Anglers’ Alliance)
Geert Meun (VisNed)
Erik Lindebo (EDF)
Stella Nemecky (WWF)
Rapporteur – Lorna Duguid

Corresponding Members
Davie Anderson (Aberdeen Fish Producers’ Organisation)
John Anderson (SFO)
Lotte Huisman (North Sea Foundation)

 Landing Obligation Focus Group:
Barrie Deas (National Federation of Fishermen’s Organisations) – Chairman
Mike Park (Scottish Fishermen’s Federation)
Emiel Brouckaert (Rederscentrale)
Kenn Skau Fisher (Danish Fishermen PO)
Irene Kingma (Dutch Elasmobranch Society)
Erik Lindebo (Environmental Defense Fund)
Pim Visser (Dutch Fishermen’s Organisation)
Peter Breckling (Verband der deutschen Kutter-und Kustenfischer e V)
Anne Doeksen (North Sea Foundation)
Stella Nemecky (WWF)
Rapporteur – Katrina Borrow

Corresponding Members
Heather Hamilton (Client Earth)
Caroline Gamblin (Comite National de Peche Maritimes et des Elevages Marins)
Derk Jan Berends (Visserbond)
Durk Van Tuinen (Visserbond)

Monitoring Control and Enforcement Focus Group
Kenn Skau Fisher (Danish Fishermen PO) – Chairman
Barrie Deas (National Federation of Fishermen’s Organisations) – Chairman
Pim Visser  (Stichting van de Nederlandse Visserij)
Mike Park (Scottish Fishermen’s Federation)
Heather Hamilton (Client Earth)
Irene Kingma (Dutch Elasmobranch Society)
Sam Stone (Marine Conservation Society)
Erik Lindebo (EDF)
Rapporteur – Lorna Duguid

Corresponding Members
Geert Meun (VisNed)
Henrike Semmler (Oceana)
Stella Nemecky (WWF)

Seabass Focus Group
Mike Pawson – Independent Chairman
Anne Doeksen (North Sea Foundation)
David Mitchell (European Anglers’ Alliance)
Barrie Deas (National Federation of Fishermen’s Organisations)
Marc  Ghiglia (Union des Armateurs á la Pêche)
Nicolas Michelet (Comite National de Peche Maritimes et des Elevages Marins)
Geert Meun (Stichting van de Nederlandse Visserij)
Sam Stone (Marine Conservation Society)
Jeremy Percy (New Under Ten Fishermen’s Association)
Rapporteur – Lorna Duguid

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