NSAC Membership

NSAC Membership

The NSAC has a General Assembly and an Executive Committee. All NSAC members are a member of the General Assembly, they appoint an Executive Committee of 25 members to undertake the work of the NSAC. There is no limit to the number of General Assembly members. The Executive Committee membership must represent a 60%/40% balance between organisations with fishing interests and other interest groups. This gives fishing members 15 places and other interest groups 10 places in the Executive Committee.

Current NSAC Membership is:

Executive Committee Members (25 seats)
We currently have 23 members, 15 fishing and 8 other interest groups with 2 vacancies for other interest groups.

Fishing Members
Association des Industries du Poisson de l’U.E – Comite des Organisations Nationales des Importeurs et Exportateurs de Poisson de l’U.E (AIPCE-CEP) www.aipce-cep.org
Comite National de Peche Maritimes et des Elevages Marins (CNPMEM) www.comite-peches.fr
Danmarks Fiskeriforeing (2 Seats) www.dkfisk.dk
European Transport Workers Federation (ETF) http://www.etf-europe.org/
National Federation of Fishermen’s Organisations (NFFO) www.nffo.org.uk/
Polnocnoatlantycka Organizacja Producentow (PAOP) http://www.paop.pl/
Rederscentrale www.rederscentrale.be/
Scottish Fishermen’s Federation (SFF) www.sff.co.uk
Scottish Fishermen’s Organisation (SFO) www.scottishfishermen.co.uk
Stichting van de Nederlandse Visserij (2 seats)
Swedish Fishermen Federation http://www.yrkesfiskarna.se/
Union des Armateurs á la Pêche de France (UAPF)
Verband der Deutschen Kutter Und Kusterenfischer http://www.deutscher-fischerei-verband.de

Other Interest Members
Stichting BirdLife Europe  www.birdlife.org
Client Earth http://www.clientearth.org/
Dutch Elasmobranch Society (NEV) http://www.elasmobranch.nl
Environmental Defense Fund www.edf.org
Marine Conservation Society (MCS) www.mcsuk.org/
Oceana www.oceana.org
North Sea Foundation  www.noordzee.nl   www.seas-at-risk.org
World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF)  http://wwf.org/ 

Members of the General Assembly

Fishing Members
Aberdeen Fish Producers’ Organisation (AFPO) www.afpo.co.uk
Bundesverband der Deutschen Fischindustrie und des Fischgroshandels e.V  http://www.fischverband.de/index.html
Blue Fish http://www.bluefisheurope.org/
Cooperatie Kottervisserij Nederland UA (Visned)
Cooperative Maritime Etaploise OP (CMEOP) http://www.cmeop.com/
Havs- och Kustfiskarnas Producentorganisation Sverige ek. för  http://www.hfpo.se/
Mallaig & North West Fishermen’s Association http://www.mnwfa.co.uk/
Marine Ingredients Denmark www.maring.org
Nederlandse Vissersbond http://www.vissersbond.nl/
NetVISwerk www.netviswerk.nl
New Under Ten Fishermen’s Association (NUTFA) www.nutfa.org 
North East of Scotland Fishermen’s Organisation (NESFO) www.nesfo.co.uk/

Other Interest Members
European Bureau for Conservation and Development http://ebcd.org/ebcd/
European Anglers’ Alliance (EAA) www.eaa-europe.eu
Federation Internationale De La Peche Sportive En Mer (FIPS-M/CIPS)  http://www.fips-m.org/
North Sea Wildlife Trusts www.northseawildlife.org.uk
The Pew Charitable Trusts http://www.pewtrusts.org/default.aspx


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