MAREFRAME – 13th July 2016, Aberdeen

MareFrame meeting was held in Aberdeen on 13th July MareFrame NSAC_PELAC_AGENDA

Mika’s SLIDESmk2

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NSAC MareFrame meeting – 11th April 2016, The Hague

The MAREFRAME  meeting was held on 11th April in the Hague.

Mareframe Agenda 20160411

Report of Meeting
Report of Meeting 20160411

02_MF_North Sea CS_Models
03_MF_North Sea Case Study_Decision Support


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Launched in April 2015, DiscardLess is a Horizon 2020 project funded by the European Commission. It is managed on behalf of its partners and stakeholders by DTU Aqua. The project aims to develop strategies for the gradual elimination of discards in European Fisheries.
DiscardLess intro leaflet

Clara Ulrich presentation to Demersal Working Group 9th Feb. 2016 DiscardLess_to-NSAC_9-February-2016

DiscardLess – First Annual Meeting, Boulogne, France. March 2016.


March 2016
November 2015 1DiscardLess_NewsLetter_1_Nov2015
March 2015 NSAC 11 March 2015_MINIDISC_DiscardLess

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MAREFRAME is an FP7 framework project with over 20 partners involved in its delivery. NSAC is  project partner.

The main objective of MareFrame is to significantly increase the use of the ecosystem-based approach to fisheries management (EAFM) when providing advice relating to the management of European fish stocks. This will be achieved through the development of new tools and technologies; the development and extension of ecosystem models and assessment methods; and the development of a decision support framework that can highlight alternatives and consequences; all in close collaboration with key stakeholders in the co-creation processes.

A summary of the project is available to download here; MareFrame_Project Summary_2014
You can access the website here;

North Sea Case Study, report of meeting; Mareframe report of meeting 2014 05 14

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NSAC Approach to Projects

The North Sea Advisory Council are stakeholders in a number of scientific projects including Discardless, Mareframe and MYFISH. The members of the NSAC are positive about ongoing involvement and participation in science projects as it is a key aim of the organisation to increase links with scientists in order to improve understanding and communication between the fishing industry and the scientific community.

NSAC welcomes approaches to become involved in the development of projects as stakeholders with input to the planning and scoping of project proposals. NSAC members are less likely to approve involvement in projects that have already been approved and are seeking AC representation in order to gain project approval.

If you are seeking project partners and you are beginning to scope your project please contact the NSAC secretariat to discuss your project and possible links to NSAC.

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MYFISH is a European funded project. MYFISH aims at integrating the MSY concept with the overarching principals of the CFP: the precautionary and the ecosystem approach. MYFISH will achieve this objective through addressing fisheries in all RAC areas and integrating stakeholders (the fishing industry, NGOs and managers) throughout the project. Existing ecosystem and fisheries models will be modified to perform maximization of stakeholder approved yield measures while ensuring acceptable impact levels on ecosystem, economic and social aspects.

NSAC is a MYFISH stakeholder and participates in meeting and seminars. NSAC has been represented at recent MYFISH meetings by Barrie Deas and Mike Park.

You can visit the MYFISH information site here.

Reports and Project Updates

Identifying Acceptable and Feasible MSY Variants, Trade-offs, constraints and management measures . Report of Meeting 24th-26th April 2012, Vigo, Spain
Click link for report  MYFISH report VIGO April 2012

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GAP2 is a science project funded by the European Commission’s FP7 programme. The project has been completed but information and reports from the project are available on the website;  GAP2 website

Reports and Project Updates
End of Project Conference
Long term management plans as vehicles for uptake of knowledge into European fisheries management
GAP 2 reflections_Euan Dunn
NSAC making of a LTMP for Nephrops
Case Study Crab Fishery Annex 1_Case study reports_Month 18

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EcoFishMan is a European Funded Project with 14 regional partners.

EcoFishMan is a project that aims to develop and contribute to the implementation of a new integrated fisheries management system in Europe based on increased stakeholder involvement: An ecosystem-based sustainable management system under a precautionary framework that will define maximum acceptable negative impact, target elimination of discards, and maintain economic and social viability.

NSAC is a stakeholder in the project and participates by attending meetings and seminars. Mike Park has represented NSAC at recent EcoFishMan meetings.

You can find more about EcoFishMan by following the link below:  

Reports and Project Updates
Results Based Management
EcoFishMan PressRelease_28 Feb 2014
D 7.4 ECOFISHMAN Report on Seminar on RFMS



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