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Executive Committee meeting – 13th – 14th June 2017, Paris

The next meeting of the Executive Committee  will be held in Paris on 13th – 14th June between 13:00 and 17:00 – on first day, and from 9:30 to 11:00 – on the second day. The meeting will be held at:

Novotel 17
34 Av Porte d ‘Asnières
75017 Paris - France

The agenda will be added one week prior the meeting.

Papers will be added one week prior the meeting.

If you wish to attend this meeting please register by following this link: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/executive-committee-meeting-tickets-33001406094
Registration for the meting will be closed on Monday 9th May.

NSAC Secretariat will be staying at Novotel 17 Hotel. If you are willing to stay at this hotel as well, please make your reservation in advance.

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Executive Committee meeting – 9th March 2017, The Hague

The Executive Committee met in The Hague on 9th March.

NSAC EXCOM 20170309 Agenda 3

Report of the Meeting
The report of the meeting will shortly be available.

Paper 2.1 Report of Meeting 27-28 Sept 2016 (For Approval)
Paper 6.1 Implementing LO in 291819 V5 (For Info or Discussion)
Paper 8.1 Art 11 letter to Sch HLG (For Approval)
Paper 8.2 Data Collection Framework Proposal (For approval)
Paper 12.1 2015-16 Year End Report (For Information)
Paper 12.2 2015-16 Audited Accounts (For Information)
Paper 12.3 NSAC Budget report to Jan 2017 (For Information)
Paper 12.4 20170211 About NSAC Deficit to Aberdeenshire
Paper 14.1 NSAC Appointments 2017-18 (For Info)
Paper 15.1 Membership Update (For App)

Registration for the meeting closed on Monday 6th March.


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Executive Committee Meeting – 27th – 28th September 2016, The Hague

The Executive Committee met on 27th September 2016 in The Hague.

NSAC 2016 09 27 Ex Com Agenda (2)

Report of the Meeting 
Ex Com 20160927 DenHaag MReport (1)

Paper 2.1 Report of Ex Com 9 June 16 (For App)
Paper 3.1 Brexit Focus Group TOR (For  app)
Paper 5.1 Report of NSAC Planning Group (For Info)
Paper 8 1 MS Guidance for Art11 (For App)
Paper 11.1 NSMAP Proposal (For Disc)
Paper 11.2 NSMAP Annexes  1&2 (For Disc)

The impact of underwater noise in the marine environment Prof. Hawkins http://bit.ly/2dxzYoD
ICES Fisheries and Ecosystems Mark Tasker. ICES Fisheries & Ecosystems

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NSAC Executive Committee Meeting – 9th June 2016, London

The Executive Committee  meeting was  held  on 9th June 2016 in London.

NSAC 20160609 Ex Com Agenda (3)

Report of the Meeting
ExCom 20160609 London MReport2

Paper 2.1 Report of meeting 20160310 (For App)
Paper 4.1 Sch HLG Joint Rec (For Info)
Paper 4.1 Annex Ei – Estimating the discard survival rates of Common sole
Paper 4.1 Annex Eii – Thames bathymetry – sole
Paper 4.1 Annex Eiii – East Anglia bathymetry – sole
Paper 4.1 AnnexJii – Sélectivité des chaluts de fond langoustiniers et démersaux
Paper 4.1 Annex Jiii- Analyse de l’impact économique de la mise en place de l’obli
Paper 4.1 Annexes_HLG_NS_JR_discardplan_demersal_20160520
Paper 4.2 NSAC Response to Sch Joint Rec (For Disc)
Paper 5.1 Proposal for B Shrimp Mgmt Plan (For Disc)
Paper 5.2 NSAC Fishing 2017 Response Plan (For app)
Paper 8.1 Mngmt P Borealis Letter (For App)
Paper 12.1 Finance Report (will be circulated via e-mail)
Paper 12.2 Deficit Update (For approval)
Paper 13.1 NSAC Appointments (For Info)

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NSAC Executive Committee Meeting – 10th March 2016, Stockholm

The Executive Committee met in Stockholm on 10th March 2016.

NSAC EXCOM 2016 03 10 Agenda 2

Report of the Meeting
ExCom 20160310 Stock MReport(4)

Paper 2.1 Report of ExCom 20150922 (For Approval)
Paper 9.1 2014-15 Year End Report (For Information) will be circulated via e-mail
Paper 9.2 2014-15 Audited Accounts (For Information) will be circulated via e-mail
Paper 9.3 2015-16 Budget Report (For Information) will be circulated via e-mail
Paper 9.4 Managing 2015-16 Budget (For Disc)
Paper 10.1 Revision of Travel and Subsistence Policy (For Approval)
Annex 1 NSAC Travel Expenses 2015 (rev)
Questions and corresponding answers after presentation @NSAC

International discard survival studies – Karin van der Reijden

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NSAC Executive Committee – 22-23 September 2015, Brussels

The Executive Committee met in Brussels on 22-23 September 2015.

NSAC 2015 09 22 Ex Com Agenda (5)

Report of the Meeting
ExCom 20150922 Brussels MReport 2

Paper 2.1 Report of last meet (For App)
Paper 3.1 Service Contracts 15-16 (For App)
Paper 4.1 Work plan 15-16 (For App)
Paper 4.2 Budget 2015-16 (For App)
Paper 8.1 Pulse Trawl (For App)
Paper 8.2 Brown Shrimp (For App)
Paper 8.3 Resp to Fishing Ops 2016 (For Disc)
Paper 8.4 Opinion of Adv General (For Info)
Paper 8.5 Seabass (For Disc)

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NSAC Executive Committee – 19th June 2015, Edinburgh

The Executive Committee met in Edinburgh on Friday 19th June 2015.

NSAC 2015 06 19 Ex Com Agenda (2)

Report of the Meeting 

The new North Sea demersal mixed-fisheries plan

Paper 2.1 Report of Meeting 20150311 (For App)
Paper 3.1 JR Discard Plan for N Sea (For Info)
Annex to Paper 3.1
Paper 4.1 Fishing Ops 2016  Cons (For Info)
Annex to  Paper 4.1
Paper 5.1 Output Sea Bass Workshop (For Info)
Paper 8.1 SPWG Update (For Info)
Paper 11.1 Role of NSAC Groups (For Disc)
Paper 11.2 Protocol for NSAC papers (For App)
Paper 12.1 Work Plan Priorities (For  Disc)
Paper 13.1 NSAC Appointments (For Info)
Paper 13.2 Contracted Services (For App)
Paper 14.1 Finance Report and 15-16 fees (For App)
Annex to  Paper 14.1 Finance Report
Paper 14.2 Amend to  Travel Policy (For App)
Paper 15.1 Membership Update  (For App)
Annex to Paper 15.1 Membership App

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NSAC Executive Committee Meeting – 11th March 2015, Copenhagen

The NSAC Executive Committee met  in Copenhagen on Wednesday 11th March, 2015.

NSAC EXCOM 2015 03 11 Agenda 2

Report of the Meeting
Ex Comm 20150311 CHagen MReport6

DiscardLess, Clara Ulrich
ICES work 2015 and beyond

Paper 2.1 Meeting Report (For App)
Paper 4.1 Tech Reg Con (For App)
Paper 4.2 LO Exemptions (For App)
Phasing of the LO – new paper V2)
Paper 4.3 Mixed Fish (For Info)
Paper 4.4 Pulse Fishing (For Disc)
Paper 8.1 EDF Dis Guide (For Info)
Paper 11.1 Budget Report (For Info)
Paper 11.2 Audited Accounts (For Info)
Paper 11.3 Deficit Update (For info)
Paper 12.1 Membership Update (For App)

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NSAC Executive Committee Meeting – 23rd and 24th September 2014, Stockholm

The NSAC Executive Committee met on the 23rd – 24th September 2014 in the Government Offices of Sweden, Stockholm. Read the rest of this entry »

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NSAC Executive Committee Meeting – 18th June 2014, Brussels

The NSAC Executive Committee met on 18th June 2014 in  Martin’s Brussels EU  Hotel, Brussels. Read the rest of this entry »

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