NSAC Reports and Newsletters

NSAC Newsletters

NSAC Stakeholders Update Oct 15
NSAC Stakeholders Update Jan 15
NSAC Stakeholders Update July 14

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Monthly Reports

Members Reports
January 2017 - Members Monthly report Jan 17
November – December 2016  - Members Monthly report Dec 16
October 2016  - Members Monthly report Oct 16
August – September 2016  Members Monthly report Sept 16
July  2016 Members Monthly report July 16
June 2016 Members Monthly report June 16
May 2016 Members Monthly report May 16
April 2016 Members Monthly report April16
March 2016 Members Monthly report March 16
February 2016 Members Monthly report Feb 16
January 2016 Members Monthly report Jan 16
December 2015 Members Monthly report Dec 15
November 2015 Members Monthly report Nov 15


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Reports to Commission

NSAC reports regularly to the EC on its activities and outcomes. Reports are approved by the Executive Committee and submitted twice a year; an interim report in May covering the first 6 months of activities (November – April) and a year end report in November covering the year’s activities (November to October). You can access previous reports by clicking onto the report you wish to view.

Interim Report 2015/16 (March 2016) NSAC Interim Report 2015-16 narrative
Final Report 2014/15 (October 2015) NSAC Final Report Narrative 1415
Final report 2013/14 (October  2014) Year end report to EC 2013-14
Final report 2012/13 (October 2013) Year end report to EC 2012-13 signed
Final report 2011/12 (October 2012); Year end report to EC 2011-12

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