The NSAC is funded by annual fees from its members, a contribution from the relevant Member States and a maximum contribution of €300,000 (or up to 90% of the budget) from the European Commission. The European Commission’s contribution is determined annually, based on membership’s contributions and proposed budget.

The membership fee is 1000 EUR for members of the Executive Committee, 500 EUR for members of the General Assembly and 2500 EUR for Member States.

View this year’s budget here.



NSAC members can claim travel and subsistence associated with NSAC meetings by downloading the expenses claim form and returning it to the NSAC Secretariat at

View our expenses policy here.



Our privacy policy details how the NSAC will collect, use and share the personal data you supply.

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The NSAC operates within a set of procedures and policies agreed by its membership – the NSAC Rules of Procedure. Our Rules of Procedure outline the aims and purpose of the NSAC. A general Rules of Procedure document is accessible below. Rules on specific procedures are available on request.

View our rules of procedure here.



The NSAC is registered in The Netherlands. A summary of our legal statutes is provided below and a full version is available on request.

View our legal statutes here.

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The NSAC prepares and provides advice on the management of fisheries in the North Sea on behalf of its members; fisheries organisations and other stakeholders including environmental organisations. If you are interested in joining the NSAC, or finding out more about our work, get in touch.

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