NSAC advice is developed and approved by the Members of the NSAC. It is produced by following set guidelines for the development and publication of papers. Our advice — and responses to it — is searchable below.

Note that the European Commission is not involved in the development or approval of NSAC advice and is not responsible for any use of the information contained within it.

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Name Year
10-2223 NSAC Advice on the UN Plastic Treaty 2022/23 Published
09-2223 NSAC Advice on Multiannual Management Plan (NS MAP) 2022/23 Published
08-2223 NSAC Advice on the functioning of the landing obligation 2022/23 Published
07-2223 NSAC/NWWAC Advice on Vessel Safety Directive 2022/23 Published
06-2223 NWWAC/NSAC Advice on Skates and Rays Management 2022/23 Published Response
05-2223 NSAC Advice on Exemptions from the Landing Obligation post-2023 2022/23 Published
04-2223 NWWAC/NSAC Advice on Prohibited Species List 2022/23 Published
03-2223 NSAC Advice on Scheveningen Group JR on simplification of plaice exemption 2022/23 Published
02-2223 NWWAC/NSAC Advice on Social Aspects of fisheries 2022/23 Published Response
01-2223 NSAC Advice on Anglerfish 2022/23 Published Response
17-2122 NSAC Advice on decarbonisation of fishing fleet 2021/22 Published
16-2122 NSAC Advice on the Fisheries regulation in five Danish Natura 2000 sites in the North Sea and Skagerrak 2021/22 Published Response
15-2122 NWWAC/NSAC Request for harmonisation of skates and rays identification guides on an EU wide basis 2021/22 Published Response
14-2122 NSAC Advice on Eel management in inland waters 2021/22 Published Response
13-2122 Joint-AC letter on bringing fisheries matters through to Specialized Committee for Fisheries (SCF) via existing advisory bodies (ACs) 2021/22 Published

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The NSAC prepares and provides advice on the management of fisheries in the North Sea on behalf of its members; fisheries organisations and other stakeholders including environmental organisations. If you are interested in joining the NSAC, or finding out more about our work, get in touch.

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