The NSAC is governed by a General Assembly and an Executive Committee with distinct roles.


All NSAC members are part of the General Assembly, and they appoint an Executive Committee of 25 members to oversee and sign-off on the work of the NSAC in terms of advice provision and working groups structure. There is no limit to the number of General Assembly members, and the Assembly typically meets once per year. The Chair of the NSAC General Assembly is Guus Pastoor, AIPCE.


As with all other Advisory Councils, the Executive Committee membership must represent a 60% / 40% balance between organisations with fishing interests and other interest groups. This gives fishing members 15 places and other interest groups 10 places in the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee meets three times per year, and is chaired by Kenn Skau Fischer of the Danish Fishermen PO. There are two Vice-Chairs of the Executive Committee, these posts are currently held by Peter Breckling, German Fisheries Association, with one vacancy for OIGs.


We currently have 24 General Assembly members, of which 18 represent fishing industry interests, and 6 other interest groups (OIGs).

Union des Armateurs á la Pêche de France (UAPF)

Union des Armateurs á la Pêche de France (UAPF)

Executive Committee Member
(Fishing Industry)

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The NSAC prepares and provides advice on the management of fisheries in the North Sea on behalf of its members; fisheries organisations and other stakeholders including environmental organisations. If you are interested in joining the NSAC, or finding out more about our work, get in touch.

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