The NSAC is an interdisciplinary stakeholder-led organisation that takes a regional approach to provide the European Commission and EU countries (North Sea Member States) with recommendations (or ‘Advice’) on the management of North Sea fish stocks on behalf of the fisheries sector, environmental and other stakeholders. NSAC advice is developed by assessing the conservation and socio-economic aspects of fisheries regulations for stocks in the North Sea region. It provides stakeholder-led views to aid policy implementation and refinement.

The NSAC consists of a General Assembly (body responsible for overseeing Executive Committee), an Executive Committee (body responsible approving advice), and a number of Working Groups and Focus Groups (dedicated groups responsible for developing advice). These provide forums for discussion and consultation on key species and topics pertaining to North Sea fisheries management at the EU level.


The NSAC has a two tier structure; a General Assembly and a sub-group, the Executive Committee. The General Assembly meets once a year to approve the overall strategy of the NSAC. The Executive Committee meets three times a year and formally adopts the recommendations of the NSAC.

The work of the NSAC is delivered by three Working Groups: Demersal, Skagerrak & Kattegat and Ecosystem. These groups each meet three times a year to consider and discuss a number of current and emerging topics and to develop advice and policy on behalf of the NSAC membership for these specific areas and themes. Once finalised, advice developed by the Working Groups is presented to the Executive Committee for approval. A Working Group may be supported by a number of Focus Groups.

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The NSAC prepares and provides advice on the management of fisheries in the North Sea on behalf of its members; fisheries organisations and other stakeholders including environmental organisations. If you are interested in joining the NSAC, or finding out more about our work, get in touch.

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