NSAC Webinar on North Sea Fisheries and Climate Change , took place on Wednesday, 7 December 2022, 10.00-12.30 CET, online. This webinar was organised under the auspices of NSAC Climate change Focus Group and aimed to explore climate-ocean nexus implications for the North Sea fisheries, their management and the wider ecosystem.

Programme: NSAC Webinar North Sea Fisheries and Climate Change Programme

Dickey-Collas Effects of climate change on stock migration_manageme
Giovanni Codotto_Constraints and trade-offs of fisheries – NSAC webinar
Gregory_Beaugrand_Influence of fishing and climate on NS stocks
Michael_Andersen_fish migration and management_NSAC Climate
NSAC Decarbonisation of fishing fleet_Climate_presentation
Rebecca Hubbard_FishMgmt-is-CarbonMgmt_NSAC_Dec2022

Report: NSAC Climate Change Webinar Report_final_22-23

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The NSAC prepares and provides advice on the management of fisheries in the North Sea on behalf of its members; fisheries organisations and other stakeholders including environmental organisations. If you are interested in joining the NSAC, or finding out more about our work, get in touch.

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